The brand may be new, but the innovative design and comfort come from the very experienced hands, mind, and heart of James Gaynor.


Skills passed down from father to son give you the ultimate dance shoes in fit, and comfort, which have evolved from these traditional Irish craftsmen, incorporating over 80 years experience.
Formerly the Managing Director of the family business Halmor Shoes Ltd. (ceased trading), James has established his own company and with that will come new innovative dance shoes such as the all-new heavy jig shoes ” Dancer” ” Beatbuster” and ” Tomahak”


I would like to wish James and Lorna Gaynor the very best of luck and success with their new dance shoes, I have worn their shoes down through the years and have always enjoyed dancing in them. I am sure this new shoe will confirm their long tradition in successful Irish Dance shoe making.


Go n-éiri leat.
Carol Leavy Joyce, Teacher Adjudicator & Choreographer of Irish Dance