Current Sizing

It’s easy!!! Simply place your foot on a piece of paper on flat ground e.g. wooden floor using a standard biro / pencil trace a profile of your feet with your sock on.
Then using a measuring tape to find the length and widest part of your feet in centimetres Then simply email the information to us and we will inform you of your size.


We accept all major credit cards and all debit cards via Pay Pal. We also accept cheques and postal orders. Please note all cheques will have to be cleared before we can dispatch the products. You can also pay by electronic transfer to our bank account, on request we will furnish you these details.

What Fittings are Available.

We manufacture three types of width fitting and they are as follows.

  • Slim fitting
  • Regular fitting
  • Wide fitting.

Lead Time

We provide a same day shipping service on all orders received by noon, this been on a regular shoe or pump order/note, slim and wide fitting shoes may take additional time, which we will be able to advise you of via email.